The Equipment in Studio A

AMEK Angela II
64-input automated console with Supertrue Application Software, Virtual Dynamics and Visual Effects.


Otari MTR 90 Mk III 24 Track 2" Analog Machine
Tascam DA-30 Mk II DAT Machines (2)
Tascam 42B 1/4" recorder
Lexicon 20/20 4 channels 20bit DAC
Dolby A Noise Reduction System A301
dBX type III Noise Reduction System
Tascam Cassette Deck (2)


Solid-State-Logic - Sydec Soundscape 32
24 bit / 96kHz Digital Audio Multitrack Recorder/Editor Including Dynamics, Time Module, Wave Machanics Reverb Module & Audio toolbox.
Native audio plugins by IZotope, Sony, RND, Wave Arts, BBE, Nomad Factory & SSL.
Waves Diamond, Platinum and Vocal Bundles.
Digidesign Pro Tools 8
Sony Creative Software - Vegas 6
RME & Sydec 24 bit 96Khz Audio Converters.


Tannoy SRM 15" In custom built Cabinet
KRK K-Rock
Yamaha NS-10M
Auratone Super Cube


Lexicon Model 300 Digital Effects System
Lexicon PCM 80 Digital Effects Processor
Klark-Teknik DN 780 Digital Reveberator/Processor
Yamaha SPX-900
Yamaha SPX-90II
Lexicon PCM 42
Eventide H 910 Harmonizer
Bel BP20 Flanger
Aphex Type C Aural Exciter
dBX 120 Subharmonic Synthesizer
Focusrite ISA 215 Dual Mono Mic-Pre & Equaliser
Pultec EQP-1A3 Program Equalizer (4)
Pultec MEQ-5 Mid Range Equalizer (2)
Neumann SE2 Active Filter
ALTEC 9470A Dual mic Pre-Amp
KEPEX Noise Gate (2)
Drawmer Dual Gate DS201
Audio Logic 440 Quad Noise Gate (3)
dBX 166 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Urei LA-4 (2)
Audio Design Recording F700-RS Stereo Compressor
ORBAN 414A Compressor/Limiter
JLCooper Synchronizer
Oberhime DPX1 Sample Player
Alesis D4
Proteus/2 Orchestral
Yamaha DX-7

PC Computers
Plextor Compact Disc Recorders
Pioneer DVD Recorder
Amplification By Crown, Carver, Quad, Fostex and Audyn.


Variety of Microphones

Eshel Sound Studios 18 Rival Street Tel Aviv Israel 03-5371804 03-5375903