Welcom to Eshel Sound Studio

Studio A

   Studio A


We Serve Them All

For almost three decades, Eshel Sound Studios has been providing the finest quality audio recording services for every need: record labels, television networks, advertising agencies, motion picture studios, corporations, Stage shows, symphony orchestras, educational institutions, political parties, government agencies, and musicians from all over the world.

All in One

Eshel Studios provide the ability to record and mix, as well as master on all formats, including vinyl, in one location. Superb acoustic space for recording, two state-of-the-art studios, duplication and transfer facilities and one of the finest engineering and support groups.

Great Location

Located on down-town Tel Aviv, the entire film/video/audio production community is within a few blocks radius.
Eshel Studios is also conveniently located within walking distance of Tel Aviv finest restaurants.


State of the Art Equipment

Studio A features an Amek Angela II 64-input console with SuperTrue automation and Virtual Dynamics, Otari 24-track analog machine, 24bit 96Khz SoundScape DAW, Tannoy, KRK and Yamaha monitoring, an isolated live room with Bechstein "B" Concert piano, a variety of condenser and dynamic microphones for all purposes, lounge and kitchenette.
Studio B features 24 bit SoundScape DAW, JBL and Yamaha monitoring, multiple DAT, 0.5"& 0.25" tape machines, cassette decks and a CD-R unit.
Eshel Studios also features a complete in-house electronic repair facility.


Eshel Sound Studios 18 Rival Street Tel Aviv Israel 03-5371804 03-5375903