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For more then four decades, Eshel Sound Studios have been providing the finest quality audio recording services for every need: record labels, television networks, advertising agencies, motion picture studios, corporations, Stage shows, symphony orchestras, educational institutions, political parties, government agencies, and musicians from all over the world.


Field Recordings

Eshel Studios specialize in field (outdoor / openspace) recordings of small and medium ensembles, choirs, as well as chamber and symphonic orchestras. We have gained vast experience in digital multi-track field recordings, including recitals for piano and voice, all the way through large orchestras with over 150 musicians.

Our portable studio is built around a reliable digital recording system that includes superb pre-amps by Focuesrite,RME and Studer. The recording system along with its matching equipment is packed in compact portable cases who are easy to transport. Our equipment includes a wide range of high-end microphones that have been servicing our studios for many years. On average, within an hour of our arrival to the recording site, we will be done setting-up, including setting up the microphones in their designated positions and sound testing.

The recording is done on separate tracks, which allows us to create the final mixed products in our studio, in the finest acoustic conditions. During a field recording we usually also perform a stereo mix, meaning that as soon as the performance is over, the client can get a "rough-mix" of the performance.

Transfers and Duplication


Quarter inch or U-Matic cassette, Long play record or micro cassette 

15ips Dolby A or 7.5ips CCIR
PCM F1 in 14 bit or 24bit DAT

We heard it all..

Over decades of activity we worked with many recording formats. We have tape recorders and unique equipment dating back all the way to the middle of the previous century (vintage) in pristine technical condition, and we perform Transfers and Duplication from Magnetic tapes and vinyl records (in every recording RPM). We optimize the old material  source and migrate it to a modern format.

Audio Restoration 

We own several turntables, one of which was even designed to play old records at 78 RPM (up to 12"). In Eshel Studios we host a vast array of filters and noise reduction systems, both active and passive analog systems, along with specialized computer software that can significantly reduce a wide range of noises and artifacts, all while preserving the sound quality. For magnetic recording tapes, we hold a well maintained recording device that can work with tapes starting from a 1/4" wide and going up to 2", in speeds of 1” 7/8 and upto 30" per second.

Magnetic tapes who are more than ten years old, often require a special treatment, whether if by washing with liquid freon, or if by performing supervised heating for 24 hours prior to playing. While it may seem weird: "cooking" valuable masters, it is in fact a safe process. We have performed this treatment in Eshel Studio for many years, and have gained valuable and proven experience in it.

Consultation Services

For more then 50 years in which we created, installed, improved, upgraded, and restored analog audio equipment in the highest industry standards, we now offer these valuable resources to you.

Our technical team advises, installs, maintains, restores, and provides technical assistance pertaining to professional audio equipment.

Among our clients are radio studios, home studios, media companies, audio oriented high-tech companies, and more.

Equipment Rental

After recurrent requests from our beloved customers, we re-opened our rental service, and we rent equipment on a daily and weekly basis. Please get in touch with the office to check the availability of the equipment you would like to rent.

All of the equipment is in top condition and is re-tested right before it is being passed on to the hands of the client (you may ask to be present during the test). We rent our equipment on a

daily or a weekly basis for your convenience.

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