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Studio A

Our main studio is a new, beautifully designed space
outstanding acoustic environment, State of the art 24 bit 96Khz digital audio workstation combined with vintage recording gear brings your creation to a new peaks.

Eshel Studio A

Studio A features an Amek Angela II 64-input console with SuperTrue automation and Virtual Dynamics, Otari 24-track analog machine, 24bit/96Khz Protools DAW with Solid-State-Logic and RME conversion, Tannoy, KRK and Yamaha monitoring, an isolated live room with Bechstein “B” Concert piano, a variety of condenser and dynamic microphones for all purposes.

For a detailed studio A gear list click here

Studio B

Unique in its design, our editing suite is a true digital pre-and post-production suite.
Studio B is perfect for voice-overs, radio and television spots, digital editing and CD Mastering.

Eshel Studio B

Studio B features 24bit/96Khz Protools and Solid-State-Logic Sydec Soundscape DAW, JBL and Yamaha monitoring, multiple DAT, 0.5"& 0.25" tape machines, cassette decks and a CD-R units.
Audio for multimedia? Radio Commercials? 
Studio B is perfect for you!

For a detailed studio B gear list click here

Studio C

Our third and newest studio is a unique digital control room ideal for post-production, recording and overdubs.

It is wired to all the recording rooms in the complex and is also used for mixing and mastering.


Studio C features powerful Protools system, a Studer analog mixer as well as variety of analog equipment and recording tape. Studio C is equipped with  monitors by Tannoy, Genelec and KEF


For detailed equipment list please click here

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